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GOT7’s Jackson Plans a Surprise Event for Lee Gook Joo on “Roommate”


GOT7’s Jackson Plans a Surprise Event for Lee Gook Joo on “Roommate”

On the latest episode of SBS’s reality show, “Roommate,” GOT7’s Jackson surprised fellow housemate Lee Gook Joo with new bed covers. On the last episode, Jackson was seen buying a pink princess bed cover set for Lee Gook Joo. On this week’s episode, the idol could be seen personally changing her bed covers while she was out on a schedule.

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After he changed her covers into the new ones, he also…

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Jackson said, “I can’t wait any longer. I have to show you now,” and grabbed her hands.” how is this not a fanfic

the worst
  • my back hurts
  • some old white bitch who obviously thinks everyone working in fast food is of a hive mind got mad at me for asking her to check her bad for a condiment i was not asked to put in there
  • my phone screen is cracked
  • i was sitting in a parking lot of a bar for over an hour for no explicitly stated reason and almost peed on myself 
  • ugh
next week October 17th [updates..]




We got our final notice last week that it’s due by next Friday. We’ve been calling DSS and countless churches in the hopes that there’s been a replenishment of funds for the next month. My mom filed for disability benefits for herself (as a veteran) and my brother on Monday.

We’re still behind another $900, my credit cards are all maxed out, and my grandma, stepdad, and every other relative I’ve called can’t seem to help us… Or just aren’t willing. My mom had an interview for the same full-time job she got laid off from last year but it fell through

If you have any money to spare, please send it to at paypal, please. Alternatively, if you have any of you have a place I can stay in Central Virginia, that would be great, as well, seeing as I don’t know if this will work (and other things I’ve mentioned ad nauseam about my mother) Thank you guys so much (Natalie!)

Raised: $758

Okay so as of the 11th of Oct…sometime within the last five hours, it seems the wifi I’ve been using for the past 10 yrs has been permanently disconnected. And that would be and is a huge setback but I had to buy a day pass from Xfinity to stay connected for more than an hour… even though I’m going to be outside of the house for the majority of the time.

Also my mom told me that someone actually…emailed her asking if this was a scam and told me to upload the eviction notice but she sent it through sms and she still doesn’t understand that messages compress the image.


Called the realtor’s office and they told me that attending the court date would most likely result in an extension on our due date and my mom has an app for a veteran’s assistance program tomorrow… fingers crossed

Nicki Minaj bts MTV EMA’s 2014 photoshoot

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